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About Us

In 2009, after witnessing the violence in the aftermath of the presidential elections, United for Iran organized a global day of solidarity. We wanted the Iranian people to know that the world stands with them. In 110 cities across the world, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in support of this historic demand for freedom and dignity. The global day of solidarity evolved into the largest international demonstration of support for Iranian human rights, and a grassroots movement was born.

Five years later, we are an independent non-profit continuing our struggle for freedom, dignity and human rights in Iran. Our mission is to support the movement for genuine democratic reform in Iran, and to improve human rights conditions inside the country, through movement building and civic engagement both inside Iran and globally.

United4Iran (U4I) is a nonprofit grassroots and advocacy organization with the mission of improving Iran's human rights conditions and supporting Iran's human rights movement. U4I is the only Iran-focused global network with an explicit focus on human rights.

Our Vision: An Iran where every person enjoys the highest degree of civil liberties, human rights, including economic and social rights, all of which mirror international human rights standards. An Iran with a vibrant, open, and globally minded civil society.

Our Mission: To improve human rights conditions and support the human rights movement inside Iran by mobilizing and uniting the global community through public awareness and advocacy.

U4I believes that change in Iran will come through broad-based collaboration and has mindfully modeled inclusion, tolerance and optimism in conducting its work, akin to successful grassroots civil rights movements in the U.S. and South Africa that permanently changed the moral, legal, and civic frameworks of oppression. In a short time, U4I has gained credibility as a reliable and trustworthy network. It provides an opportunity to belong to and to be united in a community working for the betterment of human rights in Iran.