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About Us

Mission Statement: Glenwood Academy nurtures and educates at-risk children by inspiring excellence, building character, and strengthening community.

Overview Glenwood Academy is a private boarding school for children in grades 3 -12 that are academically capable and from low-income families and/or headed by a single parent or guardian. Glenwood educates 140 students on a campus located in Glenwood, IL. Over 80% of our children are from low-income families and 91% of our children are from single-parent households.

The Crucial Needs Glenwood Fulfills for At-Risk Children Schools alone are not enough to make a difference in the life of an at-risk child. Glenwood’s model integrates a rigorous academic and nurturing boarding program that teaches social and leadership skills in a structured and secure environment.

Physical and Emotional Safety: providing essential childhood needs Education: inspiring student achievement and excellence Community: ensuring positive role models and a caring family-like environment Support: dynamic partnership with the family Self Esteem: instilling highly effective life and leadership skills