Downtown Waltham Partnership

  • MA


United States

About Us

The goal of the Downtown Waltham Partnership is a Downtown Waltham that is friendly, diverse, safe, sustainable and thriving.

We want:

  • To promote Downtown Waltham as a vibrant cultural, retail and entertainment destination reflecting the best of its diverse communities;
  • To encourage a variety of local and independent businesses and activities that will both serve and employ residents;
  • To preserve Downtown Waltham’s historic buildings and encourage sympathetic new development;
  • To make the Downtown Waltham streetscape attractive and engaging;
  • To make Downtown Waltham cleaner, greener and more pedestrian-oriented;
  • To foster cooperation among residents, business owners and property owners;
  • To champion economic and social resilience to carry Waltham through the 21st century.

The Downtown Waltham Partnership is directed by a volunteer board made up of representatives from downtown Waltham-based businesses, nonprofit agencies, residents and other direct stakeholders.