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About Us

Founded in 2006 in California’s Silicon Valley with seed funding from and the Rockefeller Foundation, InSTEDD designs and uses open source technology tools to help partners enhance collaboration and improve information flow to better deliver critical services to vulnerable populations.

InSTEDD has launched two innovation laboratories (aka iLabs) one in Southeast Asia and one in Latin America which are fostering collaborative engineering practices and entrepreneurial innovation in those regions.

InSTEDD’s highly skills interdisciplinary team of public health experts, scientists, and software engineers works closely with leading consultants and strategic partners in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Through collaboration, InSTEDD is able to maximize resources and work faster, smarter and more cost effectively.

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Our mission is to improve global health, safety and sustainable development through:

  • Building Capacity within communities to foster a local culture of innovation
  • Creating Tools to support collaboration for social good
  • Collaborating With End Users through a human-centered design & development process
  • Ensuring Impact through research and evaluation

We work to effectively bridge the gap between knowledge and action for improved collaboration. We work with governments, universities, corporations, international health organizations, humanitarian NGOs and local communities around the world. Together we work to identify requirements for enhanced information flow, better cross-sector collaboration and more effective collective action.