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Our Mission

Project Feast's mission is to transform the lives of refugees and immigrants by providing pathways to sustainable employment in the food industry and to enrich communities through intercultural exchange.


Project Feast’s work demonstrates the remarkable power of food to nourish more than just the body. At Project Feast, food brings people to the table, transforms lives, and fosters mutual understanding across diverse cultures on the most delicious ways possible. The SeaTac/Tukwila area is one of the nation’s most diverse communities in terms of country of origin and socioeconomic circumstance. There are more than 70 distinct linguistic groups represented in the area and residents include political refugees seeking asylum, first and second generation immigrants, and longtime residents. A lack of community support and culture and communication barriers cause finding employment and accessing public services difficult. These cities have twice as many people (39%) living below the poverty line and higher mortality rates than the rest of King County, with over 90% of students of free and/or reduced lunch. Project Feast believes that each individual arrives here with valuable assets and has the power to be a leader within his or her community. Many immigrants and refugees are talented home cooks, and Project Feast aims at making those skills marketable in the food industry. Through sharing their food, they are not only earning income, but also connecting to their homes while sharing their culture with others.