Al Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment (KACE)

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About Us

The Al Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment (KACE)’s vision is to promote a peaceful democratic and truly multi-cultural Sudan, where all people are equal in dignity, rights and opportunities. KACE raises awareness about human rights in Sudan, particularly shrinking space for civil and political rights, through a number of advocacy and human rights documentation initiatives and cultural programming. We are based in Kampala, Uganda.


KACE aims to develop democratic modes of behavior, to encourage freedom of thought and freedom of research, promote comprehensive equality in dignity, rights and opportunities between all Sudanese regardless of gender, religion, ethnic, cultural, social, ideological or class background, and to reinforce peaceful and civilized debate amongst different groups and sectors of the society. KACE is a well-respected civil society organization in Sudan and plays a critical role in convening civil society actors, including human rights defenders, to operate more effectively in hostile environments.


A key objective of KACE’s is to broaden the space for dialogue on sustainable peace, democracy and human rights in Sudan and the greater Horn of Africa. In 2016, KACE partnered with PAX to establish the Horn of Africa Civil Society Forum (HoACS), which brings together more than 25 organizations from across ten countries in the greater Horn of Africa. The mission of the HoACS is to increase the space for civil society to operate freely and independently in the greater Horn of Africa by ensuring that the rights of civil society are guaranteed under international law, and strengthening the resilience and capacity of Forum members operating in environments with limited or shrinking civil society space. KACE serves as the secretariat of the HoACS, and serves as the primary drafter of all HoACS publications. The Programme Manager will also have a prominent coordination role for the HoACS alongside the KACE Communications and Advocacy Manager.