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About Us

The Wildlife Resources and Education Network is an initiative to raise the standard of care and connect the world of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation. WREN was created to enrich our human interaction with injured native wildlife. We believe that wildlife rehabilitation in an altruistic act making up for the negative impact we as humans have on wildlife. Wildlife rehabbers typically do this out of pocket and don't always have the time to build strong community ties. Without the necessary monetary resources and community backing, it is a constant struggle to provide optimal care to injured wildlife. WREN was created to change this, giving rehabilitators the means to provide the utmost care for injured wildlife. WREN makes this happen by creating a rewarding experience for anyone involved in finding injured wildlife, triaging, transporting, or rehabilitating wildlife. WREN unites the process from start to finish allowing all to enjoy a positive experience while attempting to offset our negative impact on native wildlife.