Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women

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United States

About Us

Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women is an educational institution that provides intellectual support for spiritual lives. Here, we serve restless believers who love to learn. Our mission is to develop and strengthen the voices of women for the good of church and society.

A Unique Center

We are the only theological center of its kind in the United States. By gathering women together and offering an opportunity to learn the best of Christian belief and practice, the Center makes it possible for women to sort through the traditions we have inherited and to assess them in the light of experience and faith. Courses in other traditions widen and deepen an understanding of religion in human life. A residential faculty is augmented by guest scholars who come from all over the country. 43% of all teachers have a Ph.D. or an advanced degree.

Integrity in Content and Structure

In our desire to reintegrate what has too often been separated in education, each program includes an open table and some form of prayer. A contemplative prayer group also meets weekly and holds the intentions of the wider community. Another group meets every other week to consult with each other about what they are writing.

In participants, in administration and in board governance, the Center strives for parity between vowed women religious and other laywomen. The aim is to overcome any misunderstandings among us and to harness energy for the advancement of women in church and society.

The women attracted to our offerings are self-motivated, curious, intelligent and serious about the spiritual life.