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About Us

About Bolder Giving

Bolder Giving seeks nothing less than to shift the collective culture of giving. Our mission is to inspire and support people to give to their full lifetime potential. We challenge the norms and stereotypes that limit charitable giving through a two-pronged approach. The first is through Inspiration: We gather and share inspirational stories of bold giving from diverse people across the economic spectrum. The second is through Action: We develop tools and advice to help people translate that inspiration into actionable steps to transform their giving.

Our aim is to encourage people of all backgrounds to:

  • Give More - increase their giving as a percent of income, assets or business profits;
  • Risk More - shift how they give by exploring opportunities to give collaboratively, to communities besides their own, to social change and entrepreneurial efforts; and
  • Inspire More - spark discussions about giving with others and share their giving stories to provide a catalyst for new conversations.

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