Perpetual Learning, Inc

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United States

About Us

Perpetual Learning's mission is to facilitate people working together to support everyone's innate desire to learn. Our initial program is Cooperative Homeschooling for Everyone (CHE), an educational alternative for families who choose to homeschool, with or without a stay-at-home parent.
What do we believe?
● We believe in the innate human drive to learn and grow.
● We believe that each person is unique and valuable.
● We believe that humans, when in touch with their true desires, will do good things.
● We believe that relationships are at the core of learning and growing.
● We believe that diversity is essential to learning and growing.
● We believe that every learner can become independent while also becoming interdependent.
● We believe that humans are not only connected to each other, but are intimately connected to our natural world, and that in our society, both of these connections need to be nurtured.
● We believe that people genuinely care about other people and want to help improve both their own community and the communities of others; they may simply need to be shown how they can contribute and/or be asked to help.
● We believe that failure is essential to learning and growing, as is persisting until you are successful.
● We believe that "intelligence" is not fixed.
● We believe that the injustices in our society (racism, sexism, classism, etc.) have damaged many people, and also that there is learning and growth in uncovering and combating these injustices.
● We believe that our consumer culture has also caused damage, and that repurposing and being conscious about purchases is an important value to hold in our community.
● We believe that communities function best when people communicate honestly, directly, and kindly with one another.
● We believe that people have the ability to solve problems, not institutions and bureaucracies.
● We believe that "school" in the United States, which still follows an industrial model, is an outdated construct and an institution that no longer serves our society well.
● We believe that our enterprise is one of Public Health, encompassing many aspects of our society (not just education).