Back 2 Basics Kids Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

The mission of Back 2 Basics Kids Foundation is to provide inner-city youth the opportunity to build character, discover and enhance individual skills and talents, through health & fitness awareness, teamwork, life skills, and expression. “Pumping Life into our youth one shot at a time.” Since 2008

B2B Kids Foundation provides an antidote for the sedimentary lifestyle many American children have adopted and offers a healthy alternative to street loitering and negative behavior.

The overall goal of B2B Kids Foundation is to:  Cultivate positive life skills for at-risk children ages 6 to 18  Build character and increase self esteem  Develop athletic and sportsmanship ability

B2B Kids Foundation’s primary objective for the 2010-2011 year is to reach 1,500 inner-city youth utilizing our summer educational basketball camps, special events, and after school programs. Our organization is committed to positively impacting our youth’s exposure when it comes to their emotional, mental, social and physical well being. B2B Kids Foundation’s year round programs provide an educational, healthy and athletic experience for at-risk children ages 6 to 18.

There are five basic programs that are offered through Back 2 Basics Kids Foundation: 1. Educational Basketball Lessons and camps 2. “E3” After School Program 3. “Operation B2B without borders” 4. “Development of an Athlete” 5. Annual Tours, Field Trips and Events

During the last two years Back 2 Basics Kids Foundation have held partnerships that include: WNBA Atlanta Dream, the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Greater Atlanta, Finish Line Youth Foundation, the Butler Street YMCA, Adamsville Recreation Center, Stone Mountain Middle School, and West Hunter Baptist Church. We look forward to expanding our reach as we continue to “Pump life into our youth one shot at a time”.