Juneau Watershed Partnership

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About Us

The mission of the Juneau Watershed Partnership (JWP) is to promote community stewardship and sustainable use of our local watersheds.

The vision of the Juneau Watershed Partnership is that the Juneau community will consider the streams and other water features as important assets of the natural landscape that benefit the whole community. The community will work to maintain and enhance these features because they are seen as valuable areas for recreation, education, responsible development, aesthetics, and wildlife habitat.

Our goal is to improve and protect the ecological health of our local waterbodies, water quality, fish populations and fish and wildlife habitat. To meet that goal we target our work on a few key program areas including Applied Research and Watershed Planning, Education and Community Outreach, and Communication and Collaboration. We conduct our work by providing fact-based information, engaging watershed stakeholders in a variety of activities, and providing a public forum for decision-making.

We work across land and politically boundaries and use these comparative advantages to build collaboration between local, state and federal land managers and our community. These collaborative efforts help develop watershed plans, projects and initiatives that are community and place based. Rather than a top-down approach, JWP works from the grass roots to bridge the gap between the public and governmental issues in relation to our local watersheds.

Our projects and programs reflect that we know that in order to engage our community in our work, we need to provide life-long learning and hands-on stewardship activities in our watersheds. We are trying to build community appreciation/ care of our local watersheds so that our community will become stewards of our watersheds both now, and for future generations.