Rolling Hills Folk Center

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About Us

The mission of Rolling Hills Folk Center is to encourage social and economic development through an innovative recognition and promotion of traditional and contemporary Central Appalachian culture, specifically through art, music and storytelling, environmental stewardship, youth empowerment, and community action.

We have faith that our community has the solutions to it’s own problems if self-determination is encouraged and supported.

Our current focus is to initiate a creative food network that includes school and community gardens, the development of SNAP certified farmers markets, seed saving programs, and co-op and buying club education. In addition, we will also work towards getting emergency and transitional housing opportunities for families, and advocating for sustainable and healthy lifestyles through youth empowerment and community education classes.

This summer we have organized Greenup County's first Summer Concert Series. This free event showcases local and regional talent and gives our community access to live music.

We have also helped organize the first school and community garden in Greenup County.