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North American Family Institute, Inc. (NAFI) is a non-profit human service agency whose mission is to create diverse and innovative services to help individuals grow and change in order to better their lives and the world around them. Since 1974, North American Family Institute has successfully provided community-based treatment services for adolescents in a variety of settings. Today, NAFI operates over 90 community-based programs in ten states from Maine to Florida. In New York, NAFI offers seven (7) community-based programs to help underserved and underrepresented populations. Five of these programs are in Westchester County, NY: Westchester Wraparound, Family Wraparound/Enhanced Family Wraparound, Parenting With Love & Limits (PLL) Alternative to Placement and PLL Re-entry. Of the other two programs, one is in Orange County, NY--Parenting With Love & Limits (PLL) Re-entry--and the other is in Nassau County, NY--Family Wraparound.

NAFI’s Westchester Wraparound, based in Westchester County, New York, applies a very community-based service approach to foster care by offering specialized treament for up to 26 adolescents with special needs currently in out-of-state residential placements. The program gives youth the opportunity to experience a stable environment that is community based, least restricitive and responsive to his/her clinical and cultural needs.

Westchester Wraparound differs from traditonal therapeutic foster care by offering comprehensive home-based support through a mental health-oriented Family Support Team using a Wraparound approach. The Wraparound approach begins with the strengths and needs of the youth to create an "institution without walls" to wrap services around the youth. The team insures that each of the youth in the program receive daily support from licensed clinicians and expert paraprofessionals. Participating foster parents are highly professionalized to provide round-the-clock supervision and are trained to use flexible and innovative interventions and approaches that safely aid and guide youths in their care.

NAFI's Family Wraparound Program is all about prevention and family preservation. Family Wraparound works collaboratively with the Westchester County Dpeartment of Social Services in supporting relative caretakers, biological parents and children in court-directed custody cases. Family Wraparound will preserve the family placement as an alternative to traditional foster care placement; empowering the caretaker and biologieal parents to gain strategies, skills, and services. Family Wrapaound is committed to helping the children and families they serve to identify their needs, vision and fulfill their goals as individuals and as a unit. The Enhanced Family Wraparound offers all these services with the addition of clinical services for youth, their birth families and relative caregivers.

Parenting with Love and Limits® (PLL) is an evidence-based family education, skill-building and therapeutic intervention model which has demonstrated effectiveness in significantly reducing aggressive behaviors, depression, attention deficit disorder problems, externalizing problems and substance use while also reducing recidivism and improving family communication. PLL Preventive Services work by assessing the problems faced by parents and teens. Assessment is a series of questions to find the root of the problem. Learning what is causing the behavior is the first step to change. The PLL Reentry model is designed for youth placed in out-of-home care in the juvenile justice, child welfare, and mental health systems. This program serves youth who are ages 10 to 18 with extreme emotional or behavioral problems, including running away, extreme disrespect, chronic truancy, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. PLL reduces the length of stay for youth placed in out-of-home care and successfully transitions youth to their home and community.