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About Us

The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies generates scientific knowledge about ecological systems and their importance to human well-being. In an uncertain and unpredictable world, the Cary Institute answers fundamental questions about the complex systems that support life on Earth. We engage citizens, practitioners, and decision makers to advance scientifically driven solutions to environmental problems. We leverage our research and syntheses through global networks, public outreach, and education.

The Cary is a nationally recognized, independent research institute with headquarters in in Millbrook, New York, and projects and collaborations around the world. Founded in 1983, our core areas of expertise include studies of the ecology and quality of freshwater, developing an ecological basis for the understanding and sustainability of urban ecosystems, the ecology and persistence of temperate forests, and developing an ecological knowledge of infectious diseases with the goal of reducing disease burden around the world. Our work also focuses on the ecological impacts of climate change, invasive species, and the balance of the key nutrients that support life on Earth.  

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