Children's Hope In Action

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About Us

CHIA believes passionately that it is the right of every child to be raised within a nurturing family environment; to have access to essential services taken for granted by people living in the developed world. Children who suffer from disabilities, or chronic or critical health issues, and whose families are poor, are at high risk of being relinquished into institutional care. Hundreds of such children are helped by CHIA each month, enabling them to remain in the care of their families.

Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam, where we operate, is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam and we provide services to some of its poorest families. We have over a thousand families registered with us, all seeking assistance for their children, some of them in life threatening situations.

Our aim is to respond to the individual needs of each family. Our assistance ranges from the provision of education sponsorship enabling a child in a remote village to attend school – as well as the bicycle to get there, through to life saving cardiac surgery, drawing on assistance from both Western and Vietnamese medical teams. Our programs include Health, Disability, Education Sponsorship, Housing and Water and Sanitation, and these programs are supported by Graduate Social Workers.