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About Us

The Western Environmental Law Center is a non-profit public interest environmental law firm. We use the power of the law to safeguard the public lands, wildlife, and communities of the American West in the face of a changing climate.

We value the people, the wilderness, the wildlife, and the waters of the American West and the preservation of these resources as a legacy for future generations of Americans. We are committed to empowering people to act, individually and collectively, to protect those resources by providing free or reduced fee legal services to communities and conservation groups who are working to protect their environment and ensure that our environmental laws are enforced. Since its founding in 1993, WELC has amassed an impressive record of victories in court over polluters, errant government regulators, and others who imperil the environment of the western United States.

Western Environmental Law Center is headquartered from its Northwest office in Eugene, Oregon and also has offices in Seattle, Washington, Helena, Montana, and Taos, New Mexico.

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