The Earth Assistance Foundation

About Us

The Earth Assistance Foundation (EAF) is an international not for profit organisation, founded in Australia in 1978. It has assisted development projects globally but is now concentrating its efforts in Tanzania.

Adopt a School (AaS) is a program of EAF for the development of Tanzanian village owned community schools. EAF forms partnerships between the international community, disadvantaged primary schools, village communities and local authorities for the holistic development of schools and villages.

The AaS Program works in sixteen remote villages with each school/village being treated as a project in its own right. EAF and AaS use the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a framework for adopting a holistic approach for the development of each community. Developmental work at each school ensures the supply of clean water, hygienic sanitation, environment rehabilitation and development, introduction of sport and culture and importantly, capacity building for teachers and village administrators.