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About Us

Chrysallis is a non-profit, voluntary and research organisation based in Athens, Greece, that strives to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. We, as Chrysallis, work against the discrimination and exclusion that people with disabilities face in all aspects of society and aim at their socio-economical and educational integration offering them opportunities for life long learning, support and knowledge in new technologies. The knowledge and experience of Chrysallis’ members on disability issues provides guidelines and suggestions for the best interest of people with disabilities focusing on innovative educational methods, research on accessibility issues, equality, independence as well as establishing good practices. Our ambitious team consists of educational experts, psychologists, web developers, IT experts and programmers, that undertake the following activities:

Creation and customization of educational content oriented towards people with disabilities, as well as their families.

Provision of psychological support to people with disabilities and their families.

Consultancy and research with respect to disability issues.

Provision of accessible e-learning environment that offers educational content (courses, games, etc.).

Development and assessment of new accessible technologies.

Development of accessible websites and content (CMS, online searchable databases, etc).

Consultancy on the usability and accessibility of technological products and services.