Southern Indiana Asset Building Coalition

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About Us

SIABC’s mission is empowering individuals and families to develop and maintain a positive relationship with money for generations. We are committed to serving all individuals and families who strive to be self-sufficient and explore the beliefs and behaviors they have about money and how that shows up in their lives. We provide professional development and serve as a resource to many community agencies and partners to assist their leadership, their board, their staff and their volunteers in working with their low-income clients. Additionally, we serve as a provider of high quality financial education programming designed to give individuals the information they need and the roadmap for self-sufficiency by covering 6 key areas – spending, budgeting, saving, credit, debt and consumer protection topics. Additionally we help them uncover the beliefs and attitudes they have about money and how those are impacting their lives. We help them understand how to better navigate and manage change and provide them with the skills they need to ask themselves the questions they must in order to make and sustain positive change.