Preciouslyfe Ministries, Inc.

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About Us

Preciouslyfe Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit organization that is committed to ending violence against women and their children by assisting women survivors as they recover from domestic violence and incarceration resulting from isses related to being domesticly abused. Preciouslyfe works to empower women victims to achieve self-sufficiency, rebuild their lives, and ultimately help end violence within society.

Preciouslyfe intends to help women survivors bridge the gap between being victims and becoming survivors. The focus on self-esteem is the common thread that runs through all of PLM's initiatives. With programs aimed at educating the public and promoting women's self-esteem, counseling, emplyment guidance, social/living skills and confidence. Preciouslyfe hopes to bring an end to the epidemic of violence against women, reduce the recidivism rate and provide women with role models who demonstrate the magnitude of what empowered women and thier families can achieve.