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About Us

Illinois Single Payer Coalition (ISPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the belief that health care is a human right, and that a nation as strong and wealthy as the United States can and must provide its residents with high quality health care. We envision a health care system that is publicly financed and privately delivered—a system that uses money wisely, covers all medically necessary care, and lets individuals choose their own providers. In that spirit, the mission of the Illinois Single-Payer Coalition is:

◦       To promote the good health and welfare of all residents of Illinois and the nation by establishing a single-payer health care financing system: comprehensive, equitable, not-for-profit, publicly financed, and publicly administered

◦       To support the implementation of such a system

◦       To promote strong civic/governmental oversight of the operation of the system

ISPC members come from a variety of backgrounds and careers. We focus our work on educating the public about the medical, financial, and societal benefits of a single payer system. We also educate and work with legislators and community leaders to develop strategies for implementation of a single payer system. Finally, we work with other social justice and health advocacy organizations throughout Illinois and the nation to mobilize support for a single-payer system.