VEEP Nepal

About Us

VEEP NEPAL is a non-profitable, non-governmental social development organization, which is working in rural areas of Nepal. We have many rural locations in Nepal where we can place volunteers anywhere from one month to 5 months. Volunteer opportunities exists in: teaching conversational English in the local school; creating awareness about basic health issue; environmental issues, sanitation issues, building business skills and self-confidence. During this time volunteers will benefit from cross-cultural experiences through the home-stay program.

Here are some examples of opportunities available to volunteers:

Environmental Awareness Program. This program includes: Teaching environmental science in local school. Building smokeless store, pit latrines. Garbage management, paper recycling. Afforest ration program.

Education Program. This program is focused in rural schools to teach English language. Its main objective is to impose student's basic ability of English. After the completion of the training, the volunteers will be sent to the placement area to teach English in local school.

Health & Sanitation Awareness Program. This program mainly concerns about the primary health and sanitation in placement area. After completing the training, volunteers will work in village school and community to provide primary health and sanitation awareness and also teach health and sanitation at local schools.

Cultural Exchange Program. This program is targeted to anyone who has a keen interest in Nepal culture. After completion of intensive Nepali language training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in village through participation in village life, volunteers will experience the different local culture, while sharing their own culture and custom.