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About Us

Every citizen, no matter where they live or what their circumstances, has an equal right to a quality education. We believe great entrepreneurial leadership can transform teaching and learning, enabling the highest quality education experiences for all. To contribute to public school reform efforts and ensure more students have access to high-quality public school options, Partners will launch a leadership development initiative in early 2013 to recruit, select, develop, and mentor high-potential minority leaders in New Mexico.

Upon completion of the program, these leaders will be ready to begin their journey towards founding new high-quality charter schools, taking the helm of existing charter schools, or leading transformation efforts in district schools throughout the State. By investing in high-potential minority leaders with deep roots and strong ties to traditionally underserved communities in urban and rural New Mexico, public education in these communities will be transformed and so will the lives of thousands of children.

After an extensive recruitment process followed by a rigorous selection process, up to 20 high-potential minority entrepreneurial leaders will become the first cohort of fellows. Beginning in January 2013, fellows will embark on a 10-month intensive leadership develop program. The curriculum and experiential learning experiences provided in the program will adhere to Partners’ Leadership Framework for Developing Minority Leaders of High-Quality Public Schools.

The overarching objectives of LEAD:New Mexico are to:

  • Create a robust pipeline of talented minority entrepreneurs and emerging school leaders who will become the next generation of founders and leaders of high-quality public schools.
  • Create a peer support system for talented minority leaders as they begin their journey into school leadership.
  • Support healthy collaborative relationships between charter and district schools in order to increase student achievement in underserved communities.