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About Us


Think of us as the action faction, hands-on consultants dedicated to wealth creation in the poorest communities of the world. Its not about us or feathers in our caps. It is about the communities, their local leadership, and achieving lasting change.

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We’re a collective think tank dedicated to wealth creation in the poorest communities of the world through market-research, effective implementation, and data driven results management.

We find local, well-respected social entrepreneurs already engaged with their communities--often working without compensation--and bridge the gap between passion and the funding and capacity required to create organizations that are driven by lasting change.

We empower these individuals through direct partnership allowing them to build their own organizations. We give them funding, capacity building, and on-going support. Through knowledge sharing, we teach the entrepreneurs how to manage to outcomes, obsess about solid data collection, and give them the support required to transform their passion for community development from avocation to vocation.

Our entrepreneurs, in turn, empower their communities through entrepreneurial action, grassroots development, and however else the communities so desire.

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  1. We find a passionate, local, development entrepreneur who is already engaged with their community in volunteer or contracted development work .
  2. We bridge the gap between part-time passion and full-time reality through seed-funding, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.
  3. We join the entrepreneur in designing quality market-research in order to find the appropriate solutions for their community.
  4. The entrepreneur and Bridge Beyond come together to discuss program options tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur’s community. Using design thinking we craft opportunities for lasting change and revenue streams.
  5. We aid the entrepreneur in legally incorporating in their country of impact.
  6. We help the newly formed local organization and the entrepreneur launch their organization with the assistance of an implementation team. The entrepreneur and the implementation team work hand in hand to create impact measurement tools, revenue-streams, and management structures that work for the community and the staff of the organization.
  7. Bridge Beyond provides ongoing management for the entrepreneur as their organization strives for self-reliant revenue streams and program opportunities. We work together to admit failure. We rewrite when needed. We share results. We obsess about lasting change


We work in communities typically deemed “poor”, and focus on their potential instead of their “predicament”.


Charity doesn’t work in the long-run. But empowering people and communities does. We believe in going beyond sustainability. We move beyond poverty alleviation to wealth creation. And most importantly, because there is no time to waste.