Messianic Jewish Alliance of America

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About Us

The MJAA was founded in 1915, and today is the largest voice organization representing the Messianic Jewish community in the world. Our purpose is twofold:

1. To testify to the substantive and growing number of Jewish people who believe that Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) is the promised Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world and…

2. To bring together Jewish and non-Jewish people who have a shared vision for the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.

The MJAA runs the Messiah conference which is the largest annual Messianic conference in the world as well as 3 regional conferences. The MJAA sponsors the world's largest Messianic Jewish congregational organization and Messianic youth movement, as well as expansive humanitarian projects in Ethiopia and Israel. Lastly, the MJAA has recently created the only Messianic Jewish lobbying organization in Washington D.C. representing, before the US government, the religious and moral interests of the Messianic Jewish community, especially as they relate to the phenomena of rising anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism.