People's Harm Reduction Alliance

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1415 NE 43rd Street
United States

About Us

The People's Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA) is a community-based 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to protecting the human rights of Washington State drug users. We at PHRA believe that all people—regardless of the activities in which they engage—are entitled to safe and healthy lives. We reject the demonization, incarceration, and marginalization of drug users, sex workers, and the homeless. And we are committed to providing any services necessary to stop the spread of disease and improve quality of life in these communities. Guided by this mission, PHRA currently operates three harm reduction programs: we (1) distribute clean syringes to King County drug users through our fixed-site and mobile needle exchange programs, (2) provide sterile crack pipes to crack smokers to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C, and (3) hand out vials of Naloxone to opiate users, giving them the power to save their peers from drug overdose.