Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

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About Us

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) is a nongovernmental organization based in Monrovia, Liberia. Founded in 2012 by Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, GPFA seeks to promote holistic transformation and equal access to all in Africa, by providing education and leadership opportunities to women and youth, especially young girls.

GPFA’s vision is that of a peaceful, reconciled and empowered Africa with a new generation of leaders committed to democracy and equitably investing in the growth and development of its citizens. GPFA works towards that vision by increasing access to quality education for women and girls, increasing the leadership skills of women and girls, and increasing access to reproductive health education and microfinance grants.

GPFA’s core values are: access to quality education, social justice, community driven initiatives, inclusive leadership, giving voice to voiceless, marginalized, and vulnerable people.

We believe in:

  • The value and proven success of restorative justice
  • Preventative tactics and strategies that stave off incidents of violence, which may lead to large-scale conflict
  • A bottom-up and culturally sensitive approach
  • Building and enhancing the leadership capacity our youth, especially young women and girls, and including their voice in the decision making process at all levels of society
  • An individual's right to speech, peaceful assembly and civic participation without fear or threat of retaliation
  • The right to live, on a daily basis, confident of our peace and security
  • Every person's right to their freedom of choice, and freedom to negotiate their bodily autonomy