Living Streets Alliance

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About Us

The mission of the Living Streets Alliance is to promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform our streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing, and play.

We aim to empower citizens, staff, developers and public officials to improve the livability of our public rights of way and street network to be more connective and convenient for walking and cycling, while simultaneously utilizing roadway improvement as a means of enhancing the urban environment and character of the greater Tucson region. The Living Streets Alliance seeks to inspire urban improvements for walking, cycling, public transit, and healthy community and neighborhood life through outreach, education, and advocacy pertaining to alternative modes of transportation and basic improvements to the physical condition and design of roadways and the public right of way.

Our Philosophy

Living Streets Alliance is based on our shared belief that public streets are a major resource for building vibrant and healthy communities. Public Living Streets should be seams in the community and not barriers. Public Living Streets can be used for healthy community activity, way beyond the dominant single purpose vehicle access that the current network primarily serves. Healthy communities in the future will serve the needs of a healthier and more social, comfortable and safer life by establishing feature streets for walking, cycling, events, and improved neighborhood vitality and sustainability. We aim to improve the health of individuals, neighborhoods, and of the environment by fostering support for public policy and a built environment that prioritizes safe, walkable, bikable, and habitable (for both humans and nature) streets. Some of our specific goals are:

  1. To increase ACCESS BY WALKING, CYCLING, and using PUBLIC TRANSIT in the greater Tucson area through outreach (events), education (programs), projects (working with others), and advocacy (support).
  2. To encourage and IMPROVE ENGAGEMENT AND AWARENESS OF THE TUCSON COMMUNITY in government planning, policy development and implementation of cycling and pedestrian facilities
  3. To make Tucson’s STREETS COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT, SAFE AND ATTRACTIVE for pedestrian and cycling access by people of all ages and skill levels.
  4. To focus on EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH PROJECTS AND PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS which illustrate the health and environmental benefits of cycling and pedestrian access and public transit in the Tucson region.
  5. To build COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS AND STRONGER CIVIC LEADERSHIP for enhanced community health through pedestrian, cycling, and public transit street and right of way improvements.