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About Us

BeSomeOne Worldwide puts social responsibility in action by identifying and implementing innovative ways to bring sustainable and hands-on aid to developing communities in need. Our multi-faceted approach of raising much-needed funds, delivering vital infrastructure, providing vocational training programs and facilitating quality education allows for BSO to empower communities that need it most.


BeSomeOne Worldwide selects specific projects in rural community’s that are considered to be in great need and leads all fundraising and PR efforts for each initiative. Much of our operational success is due to our belief in designating local leads of each community who are equally passionate to make a difference. The final, and ultimately the cornerstone of BeSomeOne, are the teams of volunteers that are organized to work locally and abroad to facilitate and execute the project at hand.


BeSomeOne is looking to build out their team of change-makers! We are the go-getters, the entrepreneurs, educators, lawyers, the film makers, web designers, party planners. We are the New Yorkers donating the skills we hone and the time we've got to a cause bigger than us. Join our fold and be some one who makes a difference here locally in NYC or on a project abroad.


This year BeSomeOne Worldwide will be hosting volunteers to spend their winter break and summer supporting income generating projects with a Maasai community in Simanjiro, Tanzania. Activities include working with the women on our jewelry line KIPAWA, building an extension to Namelok (school built in 2015) for orphan students who need overnight accommodation, helping with the construction of traditional mud houses, participating in different workshops for the community, and helping students send updates and letters to their sponsors.

Why should you BeSomeone?

Simple, because your participation has a direct impact on increasing the quality-of-life for the Maasai community.  By immersing yourself into Maasai culture, you will learn their way of life and understand how you can best partner with each project-- thus making the most out of your volunteer experience! Additionally, after all of your hard work you will have the option to relax in Zanzibar Island, Safari in Ngorongoro Crater, or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.