Mosaic Health & Healing Arts

  • Indiana


330 Lakeview Drive
United States

About Us

Vision . . .

             We envision the people of northern Indiana empowered and consciously participating in their unique wellness journeys through whole person focused health care for the individual as well as the community. We are committed to being a leader in, and a model for, the integration of LGBTQ care and the care of their neighbors, families, friends and fellow humans of all financial status.


We value . . .

* Every human being as whole and valuable to humanity

* Space that is comforting, welcoming and safe

* Patients having access to healthcare regardless of their ability to pay

* Healing that includes the mind, body and spirit

* Creativity in individual, community and business development

* Collaboration with our patients, partners and community

* Advocacy for the wellbeing of our patients

* Empowerment of authentic expression