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About Us

Lifelines International

Lifelines International was founded in August, 2008 to provide: Information and services that improve the health of women, children and youths. Lifelines International is a Christian, non denominational organisation.


Lifelines International exists to:

Improve the health of women, children and youths through education and advocacy for provision of better health services; Reduce the high rate of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and teenage pregnancies in our community, while acting as a place of refuge for those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy; as well as Bring to an end all harmful cultural practices through education and advocacy


Lifelines International seeks to be recognized as an organization that brings hope to our communities. We strive to be a model of excellence in serving God, through speaking for; and meeting the needs of women, youths and children especially the unborn, the poor and weak. We strive for excellence in leadership and integrity as we respond to the variety of issues that face our communities.

WHAT WE DO LIEF works in all 6 regions of Nigeria, addressing the full range of Health, education and basic development challenges facing women, children and youths. Some of what we do are:

STD/HIV/ABSTINENCE EDUCATION AIDS is now the leading cause of death in Africa. According to WHO, Nigeria has over 250,000 new cases of STDs annually, excluding HIV/AIDS. 1 out of 5 sexually active adult has an STD. There are about 25 prevalent STDs in Nigeria, and absolutely zero education (apart from HIV/AIDS) on their sometimes deadly consequences. LIEF partners with state governments to work in secondary schools training on STDs. We provide information, film shows and literature (brochure)

OTHER MAJOR WOMEN'S HEALTH ISSUES Apart from STDs, LIEF offers talks and training as well as carry out free trials on high blood pressure/heart disease, teenage pregnancy, breast examination.

MATERNAL MORTALITY RATE Nigeria's maternal mortality rate is the second highest in the world, after India -- 1,100 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Of the over 600,000 women that die annually of pregnancy related causes in the world, Nigeria alone accounts for 10 percent of this figure even though Nigeria is home to just 2 percent of the global population. In one sentence, one Nigerian woman dies every ten minutes. Nigeria also has about 1 million abortions per year; that is 2,740 abortions daily Talks on these are offered to groups in different settings, including the market squares.

LIEF's Ist womens' free clinic opened in Warri on Feb 6, 2008.With the huge welcome and great success rate of the center in reaching the common woman’s need, LIEF plans to open 5 more of these in the 5 other regions of Nigeria.

HOUSING LIEF provides accomodation and support for Women /young girls who run away or are driven from home for not complying with some harmful cultural practices.

All services are Free and confidential.