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2961 Hwy 32, #57
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About Us

Energy Plant Arts (E.P.) is the first non-profit recording studio in Chico, CA, specializing in providing studio recording and live sound services to local and regional artists. The organization is based in Chico, California. E.P. was conceived in July of 2010 and incorporated in July of 2011 with operations commencing in September of 2012.

The goal of Energy Plant Inc. (E.P.) is to provide an array of professional audio, web based, and visual media services through the framework of a not-for-profit business model; operating under the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt category. These services are aimed at the local and regional levels of Northern California. This includes and is not limited to Chico-Butte County, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area. At present E.P. specializes in providing audio recording, mixing and live sound services to local artists and musicians.

The reason for pursuing a not-for-profit model is founded in E.P.’s desire to evolve the present music industry model. Such a business model allows E.P. to charge lower rates to artists, while allowing more independence for the parties involved. The ability to provide these services to artists in our community is crucial to promoting Chico’s unique local culture. Providing web based and visual graphic services alongside a musical product line offers complimentary and necessary products to artists, musicians, and local small businesses. This enables a reciprocal approach that supports the efforts of both musicians and visual artists in the area. Energy Plant is designed to be affordable, cost effective, and to deliver products of the highest quality.