AidHub International LTD.

  • Bali

About Us

AidHub International Ltd (“AidHub”), being an Australian based Nonprofit Organisation with operations in Indonesia, is a new paradigm in human and environmental advancement which provides a common global technology platform for all Governments (Aid), Companies (CSR) and Nonprofit Organisations (NGOs) to better manage and improve all program initiative outcomes globally.

AidHub’s Founders and Board are dedicated to developing and launching AidHub for the global Aid, CSR and Nonprofit industry free of charge, supported by ongoing development and enhancements to the AidHub platform which will drive further innovation and continual improvements in not only the AidHub platform itself, but in the global industry which AidHub serves.

AidHub is an innovative technology platform, which benefits organisations by enabling the optimisation of sustainable solutions, and empowering them with the tools to become more effective in achieving their objectives for the greater good.


A world in which humanity’s most pressing global challenges are more easily and efficiently managed and solved.


To deliver transformational technologies, which empower organisations globally to improve and achieve greater positive outcomes through sustainable solutions for humanity and our planet.


Do no harm, be vigilantly transparent, accountable, collaborative, adaptively relevant and dedicated to the greater good.