Indochina Starfish Foundation

  • Cambodia

About Us

ISF provides education, healthcare and sporting opportunities to disadvantaged children in Cambodia.


Through ISF’s Education Programme, which is a community based model, services are provided to children and their families within their communities, thus preventing the children from being unnecessarily institutionalised. This model provides opportunities to the children and their parents to empower them to change their own circumstances. The parents are also involved in the key decision making of ISF which provides them with dignified support that respects them rather than providing hand outs and creating dependency on ISF.


The intended benefits of the programme to every child we work with is that we give the foundations of an education, improve their health and nutrition, give them confidence and give them the opportunity to aspire to a better life. We support the students through to gainful employment.


ISF has grown from providing basic education opportunities to 18 children in 2006 to over 600 in 2017. Through the services provided to the families of the children ISF works with, almost an additional 2,000 people are supported.


ISF, in partnership with the Football Federation of Cambodia, plays a key role in providing grassroots footballing opportunities to some of Cambodia’s most disadvantaged children. This programme has grown from 50 players in 2006 to around 3,800 in 2017 including deaf, hearing impaired players and players with intellectual and physical disabilities.