Habitat for Humanity-Spokane

  • WA


732 N Napa Street
United States

About Us

Habitat for Humanity-Spokane is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. Since 1987, Habitat-Spokane has built over 2012 homes, providing affordable homeownership as an option for very low income families.

Habitat homes are built simply and affordably through partnership with community volunteers and donations. All costs to build the homes are transferred to the family. Community support keeps building expenses low, thus reducing the cost to the family.

Habitat is not a give-away program. To qualify, eligible families invest 500 hours of their own labor (sweat equity) in building their homes as well as others. Once completed, the homes are sold to partner families at cost with a 0% mortgage held by Habitat-Spokane.

Habitat for Humanity instills the pride of ownership and fosters the development of positive relationships among neighbors and the community at large. With decent, affordable homeownership, Habitat families create a solid foundation for a brighter future for themselves.