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INTRODUCTION Mission for Youth Rights (MYRights) Came into existence in 1998 and was registered as a charity organization in 2000, Operating in five Districts of Kampala, Mukono Mubende, Mpigi and Wakiso.

MISSION STATEMENT To empower the youth with knowledge to sustain ably manage the available resources.

VISION To have a generation of youth and other adherents who can independently take decisions in favor of the Fundamental Human Rights.

Our key concern is centered on developing potential within the youth Groups to use the information, knowledge concerning Community Development and Business Skills Management {BSM}.

OBJECTIVES Mission for youths is to empower the youth through the perception and concept of human rights with practical developmental approach and solutions to socio-economic problems · To mobilize the youth for social economic activities · To promote environmental awareness through workshops and public dialogue · MYRights is also committed to sensitizing the public on issues concerning Public health and also guide the members of the public on how to become Doctors of their own houses · The organization also establishes projects to be managed by the youth in the areas of operation to improve on the General standards of living. · To establish a resource Center for the youth to enhance their Knowledge in National and international development The mission is committed to increase awareness through Adult Literacy Programme (ALP) ACHIEVEMENTS: Mission for Youth Rights in conjunction with international Federation of Human support based in Greece, as successfully carried out survey on sanitary situations of the house holds geared towards promotion of health. The organization has carried out series of malaria workshops environmental awareness campaigns in the areas of operation MYRights is already in partnership with medical institutions which provide Counseling services to the youth about sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS

MYRights has also participated in several National Consultative workshops organized by the National Youth Council on matters concerning the Youth Affairs. MYRights was assigned a duty by the Ministry of Youth and Children affairs to carry out a study on the situation of Young people in urban centres, Kampala was the case study and the report was presented to the Minister.

MYRights on several occasions has presented papers on topics of public concern in educative and advocacy workshops.

Members of MYRights were elected on the National organizing Committee for both the Commonwealth Youth Forum and the Afro Arab Youth Festivals. MYRights received three computers from Self–Management Swedish Non-Government organization Promoting information Communication Technology Literacy for Development The organization has a partnership with Mama Africa Peace and Culture Heritage and the partnership is intended to promote the following programs: · Outreach and advocacy program: This program handles; Health and Nutrition, peace and conflict, Human Rights, Legal provisions, Parenting and training. · Cultural and Heritage Program: under this program we specifically look at talents development of, art craft, exhibition dance and drama. · Research and Publication: we are committed to research and publishing information in the area of advocacy. · Educational program: we are working towards the establishment of a Peace academy where young and mature people will be training issues concerning peace and how to dissolve conflicts.