Do Good Bus

  • California


6053 Bristol Parkway
Culver City
United States

About Us

About Do Good Bus:

Do Good Bus drives good people to create community and purpose. We bring people together to help local causes in a fun and social environment. During each mystery event, Do Good Bus strives to create awareness for local causes. By working together, we make a positive impact in the community.


On a Do Good Bus Ride, our first goal is awareness. There are hundreds of causes that help our city, our neighbors and our friends and the mission is to show people how to support these causes. Secondly, our team truly believes in the importance of creating acommunity and what better way to make new friends then to ride together with like-minded folks and have fun while giving back. Lastly, we hope the Do Good Bus experience will inspire passengers to do good again – at work, at home and in their community.

Do Good Bus is an Equal Opportunity Employer