Beautiful Day Granola

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10 Davol Square
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About Us

We are a non-profit/social venture with a mission to build onramps to employment for refugees, especially those with the greatest job entry barriers. We strive to do this in ways that nourish and involve our community and foster meaningful relationships and integration. Ultimately, we seek to develop a replicable model for economic empowerment that can serve refugees and other vulnerable populations.

Every year 150-250 refugees are resettled in RI. While numbers are down currently, the US has typically resettled between 50 and 80 thousand a year. Meanwhile the number of displaced people in the world is growing rapidly. Most refugees are motivated and capable of work, yet in 2009, up to 60% (nationally) were unemployed. We've discovered that a modest investment in onramping refugees into our local job market can have profound durable impacts both for them and for our broader community.

We operate a social enterprise artisan granola company, which functions both as our primary job-training vehicle and a learning lab to understand employment barriers and develop training techniques. Our award-winning granola and bars give us a unique touchpoint to engage our community with issues of displacement.

We started as an LLC, became a non-profit in 2012, and are now transitioning from start-up into our state's premier granola company. We are innovative, experimental, mission-driven, community-oriented. We rent kitchen space from a social service agency and work out of shared office space. We have an active, adventurous board of directors, three full-time staff, 8 part-time refugee staff, and work with about 25 trainees per year. For more information, please visit