Cambodian Conservation Centre

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About Us

Our mission is to promote environmental awareness and education through sustainable economic development.

In the past two years, the island of Koh Rong has experienced a rapid increase in tourism and development. This increase is set to rise exponentially after the worldwide media coverage from the New York Times and CNN.

Koh Rong encompasses 78 square km of pristine marine wilderness. An irreplaceable paradise, it has 28 white sand beaches, breathtaking vistas, and an extensive range of flora and fauna.

It is also home to more than 2000 residents in four villages along the coastline who are trying to cope with the challenges of economic development, as well as adapting to often drastic changes in their ways of life, cultural patterns, and modes of livelihood.

The infrastructure on the island at present cannot keep up with the demands of tourism. Productive and regulated fisheries, environmentally responsible tourist development, and the establishment of sustainable practices in water use, electrical power, waste management, and public health and safety are crucial to our success.