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About Us

VISION:SUN – Roma Integration Institution


Democratic integration and improvement of the living standard of Roma.


RHAM Sun was initially formed in 1996, when the conditions in the country were getting worse, especially for the representatives of the smaller society groups, as Roma. In these conditions a group of Roma enthusiasts from Tetovo came to an idea to found a fund to be collected from the community and to be aimed to the community. The fund was collected in a form of monthly contribution from the Roma families. The money from the fund were assigned and were distributed for urgent needs of the community in various cases as: medical needs, cases of deaths in families, cases of fires and other disasters, needs of children without parents, and other similar needs. This way of functioning lasted for more then a year.

During the summer period 1997 our organization, which was still functioning as an informal group, was visited by representatives from the Roma Participation Program – RPP, Open Society Institute – OSI from Budapest. Knowing our work for self-organizing and self-help of the community this Institute visited the organization in order to support the work and to give suggestions for improvement of the coordinated acting of the organization. Hereby the idea for establishment and legal registration as an association of citizens of RHAM Sun was given. The organization RHAM Sun was registered with an aim to organize and act for the improvement of the life of the Roma community.