Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y)

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About Us

Y2Y (Youth to Youth Community) is a network of young employees within the Bank working together with external youth with an aim to mainstream youth issues in development.

It was formed as a response to growing recognition of the critical role that youth plays in development, both as a target group and as a partner; the impetus being the Youth Development and Peace conference that the WB convened in Sarajevoon September 18, 2003, for consultations with young people from over 70 countries.

Y2Y was subsequently launched on February 27, 2004 with a mission to bring fresh ideas from young Bank staff to the forefront and to increase and improve the investments affecting young people. Young employees at the Bank constitute a source of knowledge and innovation, and when harnessed effectively, provide the Bank with an excellent resource and opportunity to make a vital contribution to the youth agenda and other important development issues.

Y2Y is currently housed within the Human Development Network, and reports to an Advisory Board comprised of senior management. It is run by a diverse elected Steering Committee, with the members working on a voluntary basis. The roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are outlined in a set of Governing Principles, to ensure accountability.