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About Us

Mission Statement states Mount Sinai's commitment to excellent patient care, the education of physicians and scientists, the support of innovative research, the dissemination of knowledge, the good health of the community, and the creation of a working environment conducive to individual creativity, career and personal advancement.


In the context of the Jewish traditions of scholarship and charity, the Board of Trustees commits Mount Sinai to the advancement of the art and science of medicine through clinical excellence. This central mission consists of high-quality patient care and teaching conducted in an atmosphere of social concern and scholarly inquiry into the nature, causation, prevention and therapy of human disease.

Article I: Patient Care In this academic medical center, the responsibility to teach and do research in the laboratory, at the bedside and in the community enhances the fundamental goal of entirely personal, compassionate patient care. Mount Sinai will strive to provide superlative patient care, considered to be the requisite model for learning.

Article II: Education The educational process will aim to graduate individuals who will be committed to a lifetime of continuing education while they are contributing in many and varied ways to the health needs of people. Mount Sinai will be responsible for the certification of physicians at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, as well as the certification of biomedical scientists at the graduate level; and, as appropriate, will undertake the education of other health and allied professionals.

Article III: Research Since medicine is a derivative science and must draw upon at least the biological, social and physical sciences, no discipline will intentionally be excluded as irrelevant. Fundamental and applied research will be primarily centered in geographic proximity to clinical facilities. Mount Sinai will encourage, support and evaluate innovative ideas and programs in health services delivery.

Article IV: Dissemination of Knowledge Mount Sinai will participate as a national and international resource in the gathering, analysis and dissemination of information pertaining to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Article V: Concern for the Community Mount Sinai will be ever sensitive to the social and health care needs of the many different communities it serves. The Center will be a participant in efforts to define and solve health problems in population groups and communities through its capability in developing scientific knowledge, education and service.

Article VI: Organization In a framework of free participation, Mount Sinai will strive to create a stable evolving working environment conducive to individual creativity.