Egypt Cancer Network 57357

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About Us

Our MISSION is to provide resources to Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer in the areas of patient care, scientific advancement and education.

Our VISION is to give the opportunity for cure and the highest quality of life to all Egyptian cancer patients.

Sponsored organizations are selected based on their impact on cancer care, education, research and advocacy. In addition, they must represent our core values

  1. Caring: Concern and kindness is the heart of all that we do
  2. Curing: Working together to restore health
  3. Learning: Greater knowledge and skills through research and practice
  4. Connecting: Working with community at home, and colleagues around the world
  5. Giving: Support that helps us achieve our goals

Our Sponsored Organizations are:

Children’s Cancer Hospital Of Egypt (CCHE) 57357: CCHE 57357 is the largest freestanding pediatric cancer hospital in the world. It was built and is being sustained completely by private donations. In operation since July, 2007, it has quickly become recognized as a leader in providing a new level of quality health care in Egypt where are all children are treated free of charge without discrimination to race, creed or ability to pay. Since beginning operations in 2007, CCHE 57357 has firmly established itself as an institution that is in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality, and is a model of change in healthcare management, healthcare education and healthcare delivery in Egypt and the developing world.

The Association of Friends of National (Egypt) Cancer Institute (AFNCI): AFNCI is a cancer advocacy group dedicated to raising funds for Egypt’s National Cancer Institute and Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357. Their development approach, modeled off U.S. non-profits’ community involvement, is unique for the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Fakkous Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases (FCC): FCC is an inspiring non-government model for other resource poor African countries to model. This global health initiative has as a mission to help rural Egyptian villages prevent and fight cancer. Established 20 years ago, they integrate tertiary cancer services with primary healthcare facilities in rural communities for both adults and children. Their approach not only improves medical infrastructure in rural areas, but also provides a sound economic base for long term sustainability.