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About Us

The New Schools Office(NSO) is responsible for cultivating, authorizing and overseeing a portfolio of new schools that will dramatically improve the performance of DPS students and respond to identified community needs. DPS is committed to developing a range of strong educational options for all students and families in Denver, and the NSO coordinates this effort. The office leads the district’s efforts to develop an overall strategy and operating plan for opening quality new schools, including new or redesigned district schools, contract schools, and charter schools. The NSO catalyzes and supports the development of new schools that embrace school-based decision-making, broad stakeholder engagement, and expanded autonomy, with clear accountability and high performance standards. The office will coordinate new school development through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process that engages the community and advances the goals of the Denver Plan. The primary focus initially will be to foster the development of new secondary schools, career and technical education programs, and alternative education or transfer programs/schools. The focus will change periodically to reflect district needs and priorities.

The New Schools Office provides monitoring and support for charter and contract schools. This includes new applications, renewal of schools, technology support, special education services, and budget assistance.

In addition, the office is charged with the implementation of two internal district reform initiatives, Beacon Schools and the School Innovation Grants (SIG) program. These programs are collaborative endeavors between the district and the schools that seek to create a unique, intentional and explicit partnership between school leadership and staff.