Festival Internacional de Musica y Artes del Lago Atitlán


Canton Tzanchicham
Santiago Atitlán


About Us

The Atitlan International Music and Arts Festival is dedicated to promoting musical and artistic culture in and around Guatemala as well as providing fundraising for local projects in the Atitlan area. this is accomplished on a grassroots level, with the idea that it is important to create a local base of fundraising instead of waiting for someone from outside the community to provide the funds. For the past five consecutive years, we have organized a music festival in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Our festival has become the most interesting musical event in Guatemala. we offer an international blend of music, art, workshops and more. All this situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Last year we donated a part of the proceeds to Kaslimaal, the comittee to rebuild the Hospitalito Atitlan, destroyed by a mudslide during Hurricane Stan (Oct 5, 2005). Since it is such an important project, we decided to donate the 2007 proceeds to the Hospitalito as well.

Please go to www.festivalatitlan.com for information about the musical lineup and other details.