Streetlight Schools

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28 Madison Street
South Africa

About Us


Streetlight Schools seeks to address a fundamental challenge in South Africa's failing education system: improving core numeracy and literacy in foundation aged learners by developing an affordable, independent school model that can be scaled across the country.

Streetlight Schools is creating globally competitive schools in some of the most underserved communities in South Africa by completely re-imagining standards, environments and approaches to learning. With our innovations in Academic Approach, Facility and Professional Development we are demonstrating that it is possible to present a new vision for South African education.

Starting in October 2013, in a small store-room in Bjala Square in Jeppestown, we ran a pilot after-school program. In 2015, we launched our Education Lab – a prototype of the school model to test some of our first innovations in our approach.

In January 2016, we launched Streetlight Schools: Jeppe Park, our flagship primary school. By the end of 2017, our results prove that our learners—who came in with limited or no early childhood development—achieve on international benchmarks in Numeracy and Literacy and up to 2 years ahead on national standards. But more than that – we are developing creative, curious, imaginative, problem-solving, playful and loving children ready to become the dynamic citizens the world needs.

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