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About Us

At Women in Balance, we imagine a day when every woman has the individual tools she needs to create wellness and hormone balance in her life. In response to the growing health concerns and needs of women over the age of forty, we are building the nation's premier resource for women on wellness and balance – a resource that goes far beyond addressing disease but one that seeks to empower women to find answers to their unique health needs. We want every woman to feel her best, from the inside out. This is our VISION.

Women in Balance is a national, non-profit association of women, doctors, health care professionals, and national organizations dedicated to helping women achieve optimal health, wellness and hormone balance.

Every woman will experience changes in her health during her lifetime. Good health, wellness, and hormone balance is the foundation for everything women do - from work, to taking care of their families, to enjoying life.

We founded Women in Balance because we believe it is time to educate women (and health professionals) about changes in life in a balanced way so that every woman has the knowledge and control to pursue her own optimal health and hormone balance.

Women in Balance is the only national, nonprofit association addressing these issues for women without bias or affiliation.