About Us


The civil association Eurokultura is a non-party organization founded by free civil association for carrying out activities for promoting and affirmation the idea for developing democratic, multiethnic, multicultural and civil society. To achieve its program goals Eurokultura will cooperate with other organizations from the country or abroad, with similar program definitions. Eurokultura will make efforts to promote the Republic of Macedonia as a multiethnic and multicultural modern jurisdiction and democratic country through its various forms of activity. Eurokultura as an organization offers to its member’s possibility to promote their ideas, attitudes and solutions in solving the existing problems. Depending on actual political and social conditions,Eurokultura will direct its activity on more areas. Eurokultura in its program goals will especially pledge on youth education personnel of all nationalities that live in Macedonia through non-formal education stressed mostly on education and training for completing skilled knowledge for determined areas. In this way Eurokultura will work on raising the personnel infrastructure which will be maximally mediated between civilians and institutions of the Republic of Macedonia, having at the same time a critical attitude commenting the events and their influence on democratic and civil society development. Regarding this Eurokultura through its activity will work bringing up the self-confidence of young people, encouraging them to participate in the society with programs for supporting young leaders. The idea for promotion in the Republic of Macedonia as a modem law country with a special review on civil understands carrying out wide specter of activities in implementing projects of human rights, anti racism, xenophobia and superstition, promoting tolerance and co- living in multiethnic and multicultural society and promotion of other positive aspects at the youth of the Republic of Macedonia. Eurokultura will achieve its goals and tasks through individual and collective activities of members of Eurokultura and its organs. Through organizing seminars training courses, round tables and other forms of gaining and interchanging ideas, knowledge and experience, in national and international level. The transparency of Eurokultura activities will be shown through publishing brochures, papers and other forms of public information.