Crescendo Community Chorus

  • Washington


PO Box 9961
United States

About Us

Crescendo Community Chorus offers all youth in the greater Spokane region an exceptional choral experience, inspiring musical development and personal growth through rehearsals and performances, leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose.

We work to strengthen the musical appreciation of the choral arts in the Spokane community, through a variety of ways:

 Inspiring youth with the highest quality choral literature of a wide diversity, opening their ears to sounds from the entire human experience

 Scheduling performing opportunities that are of artistic benefit to the singers and the community

 Creating opportunities for singers to perform and socialize with other choruses both within Crescendo and throughout the Spokane area

It is Crescendo’s primary goal to reach as many youth in the Spokane area as possible--helping each child find their voice and inspire them personally and as a musician. We welcome youth to our choir programs without auditions, because each of them are natural musicians who grow and develop during their experience in choir. Choral music has the ability to change individuals as they learn about culture, language, art, and community, teaching empathy, compassion, and respect towards those who are different from themselves. It demands a level of excellence that stretches each singer to work hard as an individual while achieving a common goal as a group through teamwork and discipline. Performing teaches young people about taking risks and dealing with anxiety, contributing to positive mental health. Along with each of these valuable opportunities, Crescendo Community Chorus provides a safe place for self-expression- where youth from different income levels, neighborhoods, lifestyles, and traditions can come together and feel like they are part of something special.